Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Argon Thermal Window Inspection

What is Argon Depletion and why should you care?

Simply stated Argon gas leaks from between the glass panes. The Argon being a very small molecule is not readily replaced with anything and creates a negative pressure inside the windows. The panes actually bow inward. In smaller size windows when conditions are right it has lead to the implosion of the glass. In most cases the windows can handle deflection. But the effects create less thermal resistance in the middle of the windows which creates the patterns that can be detected with thermal image scans. Depending on the warranty of your windows this might be a defect that can warrant replacement by the manufacturer!! Visually you could not see this happening in the earlier stages unless condensation would develop. But Thermally you can see it and hopefully catch it prior to a warranty running out. Our inspections save home owners thousands in home repairs so call us today 425.608.9553

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Commercial Inspections Just Got Easier !!

Our clients feedback has improved our inspection reporting system to make our reports the best in the Seattle area. Reports with video, section summary and easy online access for all clients involved in the inspection process. From a two story commercial building to a high rise our reporting system handles the small and the extremely large inspection with the same easy to follow reporting system! For you easy to follow certified inspection report call us today @ 425.608.9553 or visit our website and schedule an inspection online 24/7.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Demolation Surveys Commerial Residential

An AHERA inspector is one who's obtained the AHERA Building Inspector accreditation. With only minor exceptions, you must be an AHERA accredited inspector to take even one sample of an asbestos-containing product. Renovations Conduct an asbestos survey. With the exception of limited residential projects performed by the resident-owner, all surveys must be conducted by an AHERA-certified building inspector.

AHERA stands for Asbestos Hazardous Emergency Response Act. If there are no suspect materials in the work area, this must be posted or communicated in writing to contractors working in the area.

Demolition Surveys must be conducted by an AHERA-certified building inspector. You must share the survey results with your demolition contractor and anyone else who may come in contact with the material, and keep a copy of the survey on site. Call us today to order your inspection with one of our certified inspectors 425.608.9553.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Commercial Inspection for Seattle Area

Pacific Northwest Inspections Group,LLC can provide you with an educated evaluation of the building and any accompanying components. Our staff of highly trained consultants can evaluate the property and advise you of the overall condition and make recommendations regarding any maintenance, or planned upgrades. We are employed and trusted by developers, engineers, architects, builders, commercial realtors and condominium associations. Rely on PNWIG to help you with your commercial real estate needs and decisions. Call and talk to our friendly, knowledgeable staff to get a quote and set up an appointment. Performing Thermal Image inspection, Termite, Septic, Well, Radon, Mold and other commercial and residential buildings.

Pacific Northwest Inspections Group offers commercial building inspections of:
Strip centers
Office buildings
Warehouse facilities
Small manufacturing facilities
Multi-family buildings
Condominium buildings
Office condominiums
Daycare facilities

The commercial inspection involves a comprehensive evaluation of all major components of the building including the roof, electrical system, structure, interior and exterior elements, building envelope, HVAC systems, plumbing and more. We are certain that we will exceed your expectations with our level of detail and thoroughness. Serving Seattle, Bellevue, Olympia, Tacoma, Bellingham, Kirkland, Puget Sound and majority of Washington area.
Our report is easy to read and includes large photographs with descriptions. The report is typically delivered electronically within 48 hours of the completed inspection. Call 425.608.9553 or visit our website.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Kirkland,Wa Home Building Inspection

Located in Bellevue,Wa our service area covers all of Kirkland, Mill Creek and Bothell area. Our professional home inspectors have the skills needed to protect your investment. Call our office today 2 425.608.9553 or visit our website to learn more about getting a Home, Mold, Termite inspection for your future investment. Commercial and Residential building inspections performed by certified inspectors.

A commercial and residential insured and Licensed company; Pacific Northwest Inspections Group, LLC

Ft Lewis Dupont,Wa - Home Inspection

Buying a new home in Dupont,Wa Ft. Lewis area is a must. Our inspections on Centex homes reveal findings a buyer would not want to be without! We are familiar with the cover ups and the construction methods these builders / subs perform and have the professional skills needed to protect your investment. New build and condo inspections performed by a professional, call today 425.608.9553 or visit our building inspection website for FAQ's on property inspection in the Ft lewis Dupont,Wa area. Commercial and Residential Building Inspections; Pacific Northwest Inspections Group, LLC.