Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Argon Thermal Window Inspection

What is Argon Depletion and why should you care?

Simply stated Argon gas leaks from between the glass panes. The Argon being a very small molecule is not readily replaced with anything and creates a negative pressure inside the windows. The panes actually bow inward. In smaller size windows when conditions are right it has lead to the implosion of the glass. In most cases the windows can handle deflection. But the effects create less thermal resistance in the middle of the windows which creates the patterns that can be detected with thermal image scans. Depending on the warranty of your windows this might be a defect that can warrant replacement by the manufacturer!! Visually you could not see this happening in the earlier stages unless condensation would develop. But Thermally you can see it and hopefully catch it prior to a warranty running out. Our inspections save home owners thousands in home repairs so call us today 425.608.9553

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